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7 Symptoms To Make You Think: Multiple Myeloma

Posted by Dianah Schmidt on Fri, Mar 08, 2013 @ 10:52 AM

Why Think "Multiple Myeloma"?

think multiple myeloma

Patients with Multiple Myeloma are difficult to diagnose because they often present with diverse and non-specific symptoms.

7 Common Symptoms to Make You Think: Multiple Myeloma

  1. Bone pain due to fractures in back or ribs or elsewhere

  2. Feeling weak or tired

  3. Feeling very thirsty

  4. Frequent infections or fevers

  5. Unintentional weight loss

  6. Nausea

  7. Frequent urination

These symptoms could signal a wide variety of ailments, and Multiple Myeloma may be overlooked. Standard of care guidelines recommend running Freelite(R), a simple blood test, along with other prescribed laboratory tests to provide doctors with important information to aid in either diagnosing or ruling out Myeloma.

Dr. Tina Kuus, Managing Director of Scientific Affairs at Binding Site, says, “It’s rare to meet a patient who's even heard of Myeloma prior to their diagnosis. This is the primary reason for us to build awareness of the disease, especially during March, which is Myeloma Awareness Month. Earlier detection of Multiple Myeloma may help avoid complications such as acute renal injury."

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